Get Set for Enrollment at Gingerbread School

Step 1: Invitation to an Informative Tour

We extend a warm invitation to parents to join us for an informative tour of our school. It is recommended that you attend this tour without your child, if possible. During this dedicated time, our focus will be on introducing you to our program, facilitating a meaningful discussion about your child, and acquainting you with our school policies.

Step 2: Schedule a Second Visit with Your Child

Following the initial tour, we kindly request that you set a date for a second visit, which will include your child. This visit will last approximately 1 hour and will provide an opportunity for your child to explore our playground and classroom environment. This time also allows them to spend some time at the school before their first day. Your child will feel more comfortable exploring this new environment if you are present.

Step 3: Complete the Child Profile Form

To better understand your child's needs and interests, we require you to complete the Child Profile Form. We ask that you share information about your child's preferences and needs along with your expectations for our school. This form can be easily accessed online, and once completed, please email it to the Director.

Step 4: Review and Determination of Compatibility

Upon receiving the Child Profile Form, our Director will carefully review it to assess the compatibility between your child and our program. You will then be contacted by the Director to proceed with the registration process.

Step 5: Complete the Registration Process

During this step, you will work closely with the Director to complete the necessary registration forms. These forms will provide us with essential information about your child and help us ensure a smooth transition into our preschool. Additionally, you will be required to submit the registration fee as part of the process.