Center Accreditation

A license isn't a guarantee of quality. It merely shows that a childcare center has met the minimum health, safety, and teacher training standards set by the state. Accreditation may be a more telling sign that you've found a good preschool.

Accreditation is a system that encourages excellence in preschool programs. Since it is voluntary, preschools choose to become accredited because it is evidence of their quality. The two-step accreditation process, a self-study followed by a verification visit, is an evaluation of the indicators of quality as reflected in each individual program. All components of a program are examined, including administration, classroom environment, staffing credentials, staff-to-child ratios, teacher/child interaction, literacy, and curriculum.

Gingerbread is committed to offering the assurance of an accredited program to the families we serve. All schools are accredited through Accredited Professional Preschool Learning Environment (APPLE), which the State of Florida recognizes as a Gold Seal Accrediting Agency. You can obtain additional information on the accreditation standards at

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